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Loan Process


The first step in getting your loan approved is actually applying, either use our online application form or call on of our friendly loan consultants, the application stage only takes a 5 minutes, once we have your application we then move to lender submittal.


Submission to lender

At this stage your loan consultant will seek to submit your loan to a lender most likely to approve you. With access to multiple lenders we know who is most likely to approve the loan and have access to these lenders software so we can submit your loan direct to them.



Your loan consultant will work with the lender on your behalf to get your loan approved, sometimes the lender will ask for further information, if this occurs your loan consultant will ask you to assist in gathering this information, eg sometimes a lender wants to see pay slips in advance of approval. More often than not we do not get asked for additional information as we try to make sure the application is complete prior to submission.

Once approved your loan consultant will be in touch to give you the good news.


Documentation & Signing

Once your loan is approved your loan consultant will move to documentation, at this stage we prepared all loan documents required by the lender in order for them to advance the money, once documents are available your loan consultant will work out with you how to get them signed by you. At this stage your loan consultant will likely ask for supporting documents, pay slips, proof of ID etc.



As soon as we have all documents signed your loan consultant will submit the documents to settlement whereby the lender check that all documents are correct and then issues the funds for the loan.


We believe our loan process is one of the more simplified loan process on the market today, we assign a loan consultant to you who works on your behalf with the lender to get you approved and handle all documentation, making the entire process simple and hassle free for you.



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