Garage Doors Replacement

How to Find Out if your Garage Doors Need Replacing

Modern garage doors are a vital component within many modern homes; often acting as a security feature to protect assets and property within a garage or a shed, as well as providing access to the home owners whenever they need to get in and out. Some doors are made using high quality steel, others may rely on wooden compositions instead and fewer still utilise PVC and other types of plastic.

Regardless of the material used for the construction, a garage door will only ever be as good as its condition. This is why many garage door experts recommend having the performance and functionality checked at least once every five years – or a little more frequently if the door is used often, or if it is exposed to harsh temperatures. Without regular maintenance, even the most well-constructed door could soon start to show the signs of damage and decay.

How to find out if your garage doors need replacing

All garage access points will require maintenance. Those that rely on manual hinges can be more prone to suffering with damage – especially if the material used is metal. Other types of garage doors can include automatic openers; devices that can be activated whenever a vehicle drives up close. Alternatively, the garage can be opened by pressing a fob that sends a signal to the internal device, instructing the door to open when needed.

Whichever type of door is being used and no matter whether it’s manual or electronic – knowing what to look for when looking after your garage can make a lot of difference. The most common symptoms of a door needing replacment include:

  • Restricted access – if a garage door isn’t able to open properly, then it may have suffered with internal damage. If the hinges are broken or misaligned then they might need replacing. Likewise if the door has buckled due to pressure or an impact, the entire construction might need to be switched for a new one
  • Failure to open fully – some hinges can stop doors from opening, as can obstructions that are able to make their way into the door’s sliding channel. If a garage door isn’t opening properly as a result of damage or decay, then it may be time to replace the construction with a more functional alternative
  • Visible damage – damage can occur for a variety of reasons; from internal issues that can arise as a result of rust and decay, to impacts from vehicles reversing into the door, or even the consequences of an uncomfortable winter. Although many types of damage can be repaired, there are some types that might benefit from a replacement of the entire unit
  • Rust and decay – rust can affect metal and decay can take a toll on a range of other materials. If the rust is spreading rapidly as a result of liquid exposure or damp, then it can be very difficult to guarantee the integrity of the garage door. Instead a replacement might be a better option, and it may be worth having insulation installed to prevent the event from occurring again

There’s no more effective way to gauge the condition of a door than by having an expert come out to your home or commercial property to evaluate things. They will be able to perform checks relating to the structural integrity of the garage door, as well as its performance and then provide you with their recommended actions


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