Uber Car Rentals

How Does an Uber Car Rental Work?

Uber employs tens of thousands of drivers across the world – with the vast majority of them calling the United States their base of operations. Although many of them own their own vehicles, others prefer to rent theirs from third parties, including from Uber itself. An Uber car rental service works in much the same way as any other rental agency out there – with drivers often having the option to rent for a particular amount of time and use the vehicle for as long as it’s needed.

Many drivers are considering leaving their own vehicles on their driveways in favour of renting a car instead, but how does this work where Uber is involved?

The licensing of the vehicle

In order to work as an Uber driver, an individual must first be licensed to provide their services. Without a valid license, the option to hire a vehicle to drive for Uber won’t exist. The vehicle will also need to be approved by Uber itself and the license of the driver will need to be linked to the registration of the car.

Picking a vehicle

Although the above might sound a little time consuming, in reality Uber have measures in place to ensure that the linking process can be done well within 24 hours. This can make it easy for a driver to choose a car, have it linked to their license and then use it the following day. Some rentals might only take place for a few days, while others may go on for weeks and even months – so the option to pick a car, take care of the licensing and then put it to good use can be very advantageous.

Using the car

Once the car is in use, it will be the responsibility of the driver to ensure that its fuel is maintained, but everything else including the general maintenance and the repair of damage will fall down to the rental agency. Uber have measures in place to govern and monitor the functionality of their vehicles and many rental agreements can also be part of insurance packages offered by Uber to keep their driver’s costs as low as possible.

Returning the vehicle

When the car is no longer needed, or when the rental agreement comes to an end – the driver will be able to extend their borrowing period, or return the vehicle. This makes it easier to pick and choose vehicles as and when they are needed, or upgrade them for a newer model, which can help to ensure that a consistent flow of passengers is achieved (especially those that prefer particular models of vehicle).

In some cases it can even be possible for a driver to rent a few vehicles and hire several drivers – and operate as a smaller branch of Uber, whilst covering a broader area. This can be done with owned vehicles, but as rental cars can be cheaper to run and easier to change out for newer models, it’s no wonder why so many drivers are considering the possibility


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