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5 Star Warranty

A real warranty that actually covers you!

Ever had a warranty that does not seem to cover you when you need it?.

Sadly the vehicle warranty industry is rife with stories like the above, claims not honoured, customers told they have a warranty but when they need it they are told the component is not covered.

Our 5 Star Warranty will not let you down, it is the best warranty available in Australia today and is as good as New Car Warranty, in short, your covered with our 5 Star Warranty.


Eligible Criteria:

Vehicle must be under a manufacturer’s warranty for us to apply a 5 Star warranty which increases your new car warranty coverage. Alternatively if you have purchased a vehicle from a dealer you should be covered under the government enforced 3 months statutory warranty, in this event we can apply a 5 Star Warranty to the car for you.

The vehicle must be less than 8 years old with less than 120,000 kms to qualify for a 5 Star Warranty.


What is Covered?

All components are covered up to the market value of the car, for example if your car is valued at $20,000 and a repair cost is $19,900 we will pay for it.

Most warranties on the market have claim limits and or component limits, for example some warranties will only pay for $1,000 for each claim, a 5 Star Warranty will cover up to the market value of the car with no claim limits.

Additional Benefits:

  • Towing Cost (up to $120)
  • Car Hire ($75 per day up to 4 days)
  • Accomodation Cost’s (see pdf for conditions)
  • Quality Guarantee (we guarantee the quality of repair)
  • Transferable To New Owner


Our consultants can organise your insurance on the spot, or we can provide a no obligation free quote in minutes, call us today.



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