Replacing Your Car Battery

What You Need to Know About Replacing Your Car Battery

The majority of modern car batteries are developed to last for at least 5 years – although particular brands and models may last a little longer, especially if they are manufactured using higher quality chemicals and materials. All batteries responsible for the running of vehicles will discharge naturally, which means that if they are left unused, they can begin to suffer with energy depletion over time.

This is why many vehicle experts and mechanics recommend using a car at least once every few days – and for a period of at least an hour. This is considered efficient enough to recharge a battery and even if the energy levels don’t manage to peak at 100%, the power should still be sufficient enough to maintain the vehicle’s operation.

Although many batteries will last for years, there can be other factors that can affect the reliability of a particular power cell, or the ability for the lithium battery acid to replenish itself and remain functional into the future. In these cases, it’s not uncommon for batteries to ebb before their time. Even the most frequently used car can suffer with power loss, so it’s important to understand how best to manage a vehicle’s power source in general.

What you need to know about replacing your car battery

Regardless of whether the car battery has depleted as a result of ageing, or if consistent use is the cause – a car battery should only ever be replaced by a licensed and trained professional. One thing that all car batteries will share in common, no matter their value and regardless of their manufacturer, is the chemical composition that they possess.

The acids that most batteries rely on are securely housed within the battery unit itself. These units are constructed in a way that can allow the power to be transmitted throughout the vehicle’s infrastructure, without posing a risk to those that are using the car itself. The acids are toxic and can be very harmful if they are able to make contact with human skin, or materials in general.

This is why it’s important to entrust the replacement task to a professional, as they will be able to ensure that the old battery is removed safely, before fitting a brand new one. It’s not just the replacement to consider, there is also the fact that fitting the battery unit incorrectly can do damage to the unit, as well as to the vehicle itself.

If the leads aren’t connected properly, or if they are incorrectly attached to the wrong cables, then it’s not uncommon for batteries to ignite, causing fire damage and posing a risk to life. To be safe, it’s widely recommended that hiring an expert to take care of the car battery installation can be much more beneficial and those wishing to do so themselves should only do so within a controlled environment and under the guidance of a professional.


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